Sunday, July 6, 2008

White Petunias in watercolors - Jacqueline Gnott

White Petunias © by Jacqueline Gnott
at Realism in Watercolors 5" x 4" ~ Watercolor on Paper

WoW these White Petunias are so real!!!
I am glad I have found this Blog Realism in Watercolors and without hesitating I faved it and started to enjoy the great watercolors in it by Jacqueline Gnott.

And especially these White Petunias that are very nicely done with a very dark background, to highlight them. I love the blueish color of the shades inside the flower slightly turning soft as it comes out capturing the reflections of the clay pot. Simply Great!!

Thank you Jacqueline Gnott for letting me share this painting.

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laura said...

This really is gorgeous: the light, and the drawing, are beautiful. It makes a nice pair with the Nancy Standlee painting: two very different but equally stunning approaches to watercolor.

stella-sabian said...

It is gorgeous. If I had a chance, I would take a closer look! It brings a calm and meditative image tha shows the simple beauty of nature.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

It's very generous of you to feature artists on your blog.

r garriott said...

Very beautiful! Thanks for linking this artist.