Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seascape in Watercolors - Nancy Standlee Art Blog

Seascape in Watercolors painted by Nancy Standlee

In this painting, frogeting about the fact that watercolors are my weak point, what I love about this painting is the freshness of colors escpecially the skies and the sea, the way the water smudges have been done is great, knowing that is very difficult to control them, but I think that Nancy did a wonderful job doing this. Also how the waves were done by negative painting of the sea is just Great, the 2 figures, the rocks the flying birds and the sand, WOW I wish I could be there.

Thanks Nancy for letting me share this painting.

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laura said...

Yes, to me, this painting perfectly illustrates what's so unique to watercolor: how the paint moves on the paper.