Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painting barns in watercolors - Laura's watercolors

(Freddie's Barn, 11x15) @ laura's watercolors

Laura’s paintings are always so refreshing and especially this one, I find that the mixture of oranges and yellows of the tile roof are amazing, also the bleuish shadows of the trees on the roof emphasize beautifully this mixture. One more detail that I really like is the shadow on the front wall of the house and how the sunny part of the wall is depicted with lighter run-backs of brown, or was it the other way around, its really hard to tell but I like it very much.

So thanks for letting me share this painting, I really appreciate it.

You can read the original post on laura's watercolors

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laura said...

Thank you for including me, Doudy. I'm really enjoying reading your analysis of these paintings; it's a great idea, but you've always been very good at "introducing" people!

Imelda said...

wow is this your handi work sis? you sure have a talent in painting. Kudos, to u!